Cancer Types



Cancer Prevention Education 

* Are you a Cancer Prevention Seeker?
* Do you have a family history of Cancer?
* Do you want to prevent the recurrence of Cancer?
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Patient Support Counseling

* Is your Cancer Treatment making you feel, tired, confused, sick?
* Are you confused by all the conflicting opinions?
* Are you feeling lost or alone?
Whether you seek information on an anti-cancer diet, alternative treatments, complementary therapy, holistic options, non-toxic approaches, or reducing cancer treatment side effects, we are here to help…

The BeatCancer Difference

1) We teach true prevention, not just early detection! “Early Detection” is better than late detection, but it is not the same as prevention.

2) Our programs for diagnosed patients focus on the patient not the tumor!

3) We raise money for education, not research! There are thousands of organizations collecting millions of dollars to find “The Cure”.

Prevention is the Cure!

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